Mark your floor and differentiate it with surface marking tape

floor marking tapesTo allocate floor space and areas, especially for marking walking paths, safety areas, storage areas and more, you can make use of 5s floor marking tape corners. This is largely used for marking proper spaces in industries, warehouses and even homes. Not only are these tapes available as continuous rolls of floor tape, but also for corner markers, like “L”, “T” shapes and cross-shaped tapes.

FloorTapeHQ is the best dealer of floor tapes of all types. They are known to offer you with the best quality floor tapes, which is made of pure polyester or vinyl based textures. This assures great durability and also has the quality to resist oil, moisture and solvents. These floor tapes are easily washable too and its erosion free body lasts long.

There is no specific method of applying tapes on the floor. You just have to apply it to the surface when the floor is dry. A great aspect is that these tapes are available in T-shape, Arrows and X-shaped corner floor markings, which fulfill the uniqueness as well as safety requirements.

The angle shaped tape corners are mostly needed in a warehouse and project areas of big companies. If you want to enhance the floor layout of your own house or office area, you can also apply them. Color variants are available and come in ten different shades. The glowing floor marking tape also enhances the beauty of any room and gives a unique texture and character to the entire room.

Other available products of FloorTapeHQ

You can also get other products like anti slip tape, vinyl based tapes, floor signs, and more such tapes with FloorTapeHQ. Varieties of high quality pallet and floor markers are available in their offered product list. You can choose these as per your need.

FloorTapeHQ’s floor experts are also ready to help you at all times. They will thoroughly guide you with which types of floor marking tapes you may need. They will also help you to choose the color combination, which not only renders a unique look to the floor, but also offers a proper division and marking.

Nowadays, good style is completely needed in every aspect, so FloorTapeHQ also offer some excellent variations in the floor marking tape. You can choose dots and arrows to mark your floor. Various signs and mainly the foot print directions for marking the floor are hugely popular stuff that you can opt for. Glowing marking tapes will add a hint of glow, as well as uniqueness to the floor. When the lights are off, the fluorescent particles available in the floor tape automatically glow and can direct one in the proper direction.

You can choose or order floor marking tapes as per your need. FloorTapeHQ will give you the exact size as per your order, as the billing is done according to the size. On the orders over $350, no shipping charges are needed. You can contact with them by dialing their official helpline number. Online booking procedure is also available. When you check the official website of FloorTapeHQ, a chat box will open automatically. Their officials will guide you, and you can also enter your query by voice chat method.