Best impact driver in the market today

ingersoll rand impact driverWith the introduction of impact drivers in the market, it has subsequently made the lives of workers considerably easier. They no longer have to use heavy drivers to do a simple screwing task. It was originally used in Japan first. It took a considerable amount of time for other countries to recognise the utility derived from the use of impact drivers. As time progressed, the product gradually gained acceptance in the market and is presently used by every labourer on the job worldwide. The product is convenient due to its portable nature and simplicity in use. It is priced at a nominal rate making it easily affordable. When we are talking about the best impact driver in the market today, then the ingersoll rand impact driver fits the picture perfectly.

The impact driver technology is referred to as the hammer and anvil which means that with a slight twist of the electric drill, the impact driver starts operating. Due to this, the tool is able to generate tremendous amount of power and is really beneficial when it comes to wood related work. The impact driver is not only used for driving screws, it can be used for the task of drilling as well due to its versatile nature. The product has a compact design and does not weigh too much which makes it easy for workers to carry it around with them from one place to another. These impact drivers come along with hex shank bits which doubles the drilling power which makes it appropriate for woodworking. The primary difference between a standard drill and an impact drill is that the latter works with torque which enables it to generate tremendous power.

There are several impact drivers being manufactured by numerous brands and each one has a unique distinctive feature. When it comes to the Ingersoll-Rand impact driver, the 231C ½ inch air impact driver is the most commonly used product amongst workers. The Ingersoll-Rand impact driver can get through any critical task. It delivers up to 425ft-lb of torque. The product comes with a power regulator which enables the user to regulate the power on the basis of the task at hand. The product has got the Twin Hammer plus mechanism which comes to assistance during complicated tasks. The product is already lubricated when a customer purchases it so they don’t need to do extra work before using it.

The Ingersoll-Rand impact driver is quite beneficial due to its compact design and light weight, which makes it quite useful in critical tasks. The features of the product are mentioned below:

  • It features an adjustable power regulator.
  • Has pressure-free lubrication.
  • Weighs only about 3 pounds in weight.
  • It is easy to use for two-piece construction.
  • Offers a speed of 8,000rpm (1,200bpm).
  • Has a contoured handle for comfort and support.
  • 2Ccfm air consumption.
  • It is 2 inches in length.

The product is useful to a professional worker as well as a hobbyist since it saves the user time and effort and always delivers the desired results. Professionals prefer using the Ingersoll-Rand driver due to its efficiency and power control mechanism it provides its users.