Ways to clean calcium deposits in arteries

ExerciseThough calcium has many health benefits, especially to the teeth and bones, but it can be a serious problem if once deposited in the arteries. Blood flow can be constricted in blood vessels by calcium deposits. It leads to many health conditions and fatal diseases. Early aging is caused due to plaque build-up and calcium deposits. So, it is very important to remove calcium deposits from your arteries as early as possible. It will help you to look younger. It helps to improve the circulation and flow of blood. The risk of a stroke or heart attack can also be reduced by cleaning your arteries from logged calcium. It can be done naturally at home without the consumption of drugs and without following restrictive diets. The three best ways of removing calcium deposits are given as follows –

  • Exercise

Plaque build-up can be removed from your arteries with the help of exercise. Nowadays, people are too lazy to do any work or movement. They only want to sit at one place and do all the jobs from there. So, it is very important to include exercise in your daily routine.

If you combine anaerobic and aerobic, you will get the results quicker. Activities like dancing, jogging, walking, swimming and playing sports are included in aerobic exercise.  You should work out at least three days a week for minimum of 30 minutes. Lifting weights and resistance exercises are involved in anaerobic exercise. Machines, cables, barbells and dumbbells can be used to carry out this type of exercise. Your hormones will be improved and calcium build up in bones can be decreased by lifting weights. Your bones will become stronger with the lifting of heavy weights.

  • Diet

Your diet should be improved in order to clean your arteries from calcium deposits. You must keep your diet as simple as possible. A low insulin stimulating and anti-inflammatory diet is needed by you to get rid of calcium deposition in your arteries. Low glycemic and anti-inflammatory carbohydrates will cover up half of your diet. Do try to avoid consuming dairy products and alcohol. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, quinoa, yams and buckwheat are anti-inflammatory carbohydrates. Healthy proteins such as chicken, eggs, buffalo, and wild caught fish should be included in your diet. Organic avocado, virgin olive oil, organic virgin coconut, walnuts and almonds are great healthy fats.

  • Herbs and Vitamins

Vitamins and herbs help to remove calcium from your arteries. Dramatic results can be achieved by you after consuming some potent, specific and effective supplements. You can be highly benefitted with the help of Magnesium, Vitamin C, D3, E and K2-7. Fibrin build up is reduced by Nattokinase. Blood is thickened by it as well. It is an insoluble protein. Circulation is improved and thick, sticky blood can be reduced by ginger extract and white willow extract. Heavy metals, pesticides and toxins can be eliminated from your body by NAC.

Follow all the above mentioned ways to stay healthy and live for a longer time happily.