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concrete sawAny solid material such as masonry, concrete, tile, asphalt and brick can be cut easily by using a concrete saw. It is also known as consaw, quick, cut, road saw and cut-off saw. It is a power tool.

MK Diamond Australia is a well-known company that produces the best concrete saw Melbourne. The MK Diamond range of Diamond machinery and tools are promoted and distributed throughout Australia by this company. It was formed in Melbourne in 2002. A complete solution to all your diamond tool requirements such as tile saws, crete mowers, core drills and stands, floor grinding segments and shoes, concrete saws, diamond blades and diamond core bits and segments is offered by MK Diamond Australia.

Some of the products of this company are given as follows –

  • Diamond blades

Quality diamond cutting blades are supplied by MK Diamond Australia. A range of industries like construction, tiling, concrete and masonry uses these diamond cutting blades. A comprehensive range of blades are stocked by it. These blades are available at different prices according to the application and budget. An excellent result and greater precision are allowed by the diamond cutting blades in the concrete industry.

  • Concrete saws

People generally use concrete saws to cut different solid materials. Petrol, pneumatic pressure, electric pressure and hydraulic pressure power a concrete saw. An appealing and professional output will be offered by concrete saw, if you use it with a quality diamond cutting blade. A large range of saws is stocked by MK Diamond Australia for supplying to the concrete cutting industry.

  • Core drilling

Quality core drill rigs and concrete core drills are supplied by MK Diamond Australia. Many industries like masonry, construction, tiling and concrete use core drills for many purposes. A large variety of drills are produced by this company depending on application and budget.

  • Diamond tool for polishing

Terrazo and concrete can be polished by using an original polishing tool called RDC. The RDC works best with grinders. One of the most economical and efficient tools for polishing is RDC Max. A glossy finished output is provided by this polishing tool. It is very durable in nature. Old natural stone floors can be grinded and polished to a glossy finish by a unique tool of MK Diamond Australia named the RD discs. Water will not be needed while using this tool. An excellent polish to all kinds of natural stone floors is provided by it.

  • Concrete flooring tool

Green concrete grinding and polishing system are combined together by an eco-friendly, jobsite friendly polished concrete flooring system named INDUROSHINE. The specifiers and owners are provided with the best polished concrete flooring system in the market. It helps to make the floors durable so that can last for a long time.

These are some of the best tools of MK Diamond Australia that are sold in the market for any industrial purpose. You can always contact them for any order related queries.